Sun, Jan 31, 2016 - 14K - 01:45:00
14K Run to the Brother Grimms' Graves
Back in January of 2012, I did a 28K run in which I wanted to visit the graves of the Brothers Grimm but I made it to the cemetery gate a few minutes too late and was not let in. So today, on a much warmer day than back then, I did a much shorter run (14K) out to the cemetery, where I stood in front of their graves and those of Wilhelm Grimm's sons, which reminded me I need to read more of their fairy tales that the recorded, so many of them with such a dark tone and lightly bizarre twists. In any case, after soaking in their presense, I ran straight back arriving home right before it got completely dark which was nice, the day being nice and cool for a short afternoon run.