Sun, Feb 23, 2014 - 30K - 03:20:00
30K One-Month-Till-Rome Training Run
Gisi and I got out the door at 14:30 which made my 3.5 hour run the first run in a long time that I finished while it was still light out. At 5K, I ran on and Gisi ran back to go meet Hannah for a 5K run together, so the family total running today was Hannah 5K, Gisi 15K and I did 30K, a 50K family running day! The weather was like an early spring day and the sun brilliant during the last part of the run, got lots of good pictures. I was able to run the last 5K hard which was a good sign that I'll be back up to at 4:30 shape by the marathon in a month. 
at 5K, said good-bye to Gisi who ran home to pick up Hannah for a 5K together 
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