Sat, Apr 28, 2012 - 28K - 03:25:00
Hot Weather 28K with Two Timed 5Ks
Started my summer training today after a week off after the Paris marathon. I've decided to do more timed 5Ks this summer to see if I can't get my marathon time back down around 4:10 - 4:20 for the Berlin Marathon this fall. Over the years I've mapped out two uninterrupted 5K loops in Berlin, one at the IKEA in Tempelhof and one in Tiergarten. Today I did a 5K warm up out to the IKEA loop then did two 5Ks as fast as I could, which were very hot (28°C/82°F) and very slow (27:01 and 31:23). I got a big water at the nearby gas station after each and gulped each one down as soon as I got it, very refreshing, haven't had a heat run like this for a year. Then ran a 4K back to the house and started off on a very hot 9K with Gisi to finish off the first training run of summer 2012. 
let summer training begin: 
you can get info about the Hans-Baluschek-Park on your smart phone: 
5K starting line: 
first 5K done: 
cold and refreshing: 
the lake on which kids were playing hockey just a couple months ago: 
off for our 9K together, our blooming street: