Sun, Dec 10, 2017 - 26K - 03:15:00
26K Run to IKEA with Timed 5K (23:54) and Run to Teltow with Gisi
Gisi and I wanted to run together today but I wanted to do a timed 5K, so I took off first out the door into the freezing cold air, got to IKEA, and did my 5K loop, actually had some winter-solstice sun at a slant but patches of ice in the shade, so you had to pay attention, especially on bridges and any overpasses. Despite the icy ramp up to Priesterweg which slowed me down, I finished with a strong 23:54, second best time since 2012. Then I ran back and picked up Gisi, got a scarf for my cold neck, and we took off down Teltow canal all the way to Teltow, this time running down the right side until Teltower Damm for variety, but then back up the left side. It was very cold today, but as always in the winter, if you keep on moving, you stay warm, finishing weight 76.5 kilos.