Sat, Apr 22, 2017 - 29K - 03:20:00
29K Berlin Wall Run with Andreas
It's not often that someone who is visiting Berlin asks me if I want to go for a double-digit-kilometer run through the city, but when it happens, I say yes. My cousin-in-law Andreas is training for the 160-kilometer Berlin Wall race in August and so wanted to get in a short training run along part of the route while in Berlin. We took the S-Bahn to Lichenrade, ran down to the border of Berlin, and then took off eastward running 29 kilometers along the former Berlin Wall which put us in Neukölln where we hopped into a DriveNow BMW and drove home, a fun run. I was surprised that if you run only along the former wall, you barely see signs of a city at all, 90% of the time you are running through a forest, through fields, or along a canal. The weather report the last couple days was threatening cold rain for today, but I wore my summer running garb anyway out of protest. Although it was quite cool throughout the run and we ran through a 10-minute icy rain shower, it was a pleasant run as long as we kept moving, even with periods of bright sunlight to warm things up, the best sun being at the end of the 29K after we stormed a Lidl store, hobbled out with our big plastic bottles of water and tea, and chocolate bars, and sat down against the Lidl wall to replenish some energy and soak in the sun, a nice end to a short training run for Andreas, a long training run for me.