Tue, May 14, 2019 - 13K - 01:30:00
13K After-Work Run with timed Tiergarten 5K (23:51)
Got out of work at 17:15, took the S-Bahn to Friedrichstr. and running out of the train station, I knew it was going to be a light-show run with the sun promising to set within the next few hours. The air was super cool, even cold if you didn't run fast enough in the shade, but the views of horizontal shadows and brilliant light and colors was spectacular.  
My 5K was quite decent, a 23:51, my legs definitely pushing my lungs to perform today, and my second time under 24:00 after my off-season hiatus since February's marathon.  
After my 5K, I took a quite paced run back home through Schöneberg and Friedenau, always interesting and varied, eventually catching the Volkspark near Rathaus Schöneberg and running through it to Bundesallee and then straight home from there.  
I've got power gymnastics tomorrow, one kilometer swimming again on Friday, Frauenlauf as spectator and manager on Saturday, but then hopefully on Sunday a 2x back-to-back 5K again to see how low I can get my time. Potsdam half marathon in two and a half weeks.