Sat, Nov 21, 2020 - 10K - 01:07:23
10K Urban-Race Trial-Run with Hannah
Hannah and I are planning our December 10K Urban-Race Trial-Run in which she is going to start in Teltow on a 10K route home, and I am going to start somewhere in Neukölln on a 11.8 route home (based on the times of our most recent 5K runs, 24:01 and 28:13), and then we're going to see who arrives at the finish line first.  
Last week, I had already scouted this route by myself from Teltow to Steglitz and so today was the trail-run with Hannah for our urban-race in December. The route is simple enough, after 2K through Teltow, you basically just have to stay on the running paths along the canal all the way back home.  
We got up at 6:00 and arrived in Teltow 10 minutes after morning twilight with a temperature right at 0°C, a very cool run, the ground, cars and trees covered with frost.  
So with that run completed, all that is left is that I need to scope out my 11.8 route from Neukölln probably on a run home from work next week, and then we'll be ready for our first urban race.