Sun, Dec 3, 2017 - 12K - 01:15:00
12K Run to IKEA with Timed 5K (23:59)
Got out the door just in time today to get to my IKEA starting line for a 5K before it got dark. Actually at about 3K it was dark but by that time, I'm off Priesterweg and on lighted streets again. And IKEA was open today and so had do a bit of a shopper slalom, and had a 1°C snowy headwind along Priesterweg. In spite of all that I came in with a decent time of 23:59. My legs got into a good stride and my lungs tried to keep up with them, I pushed them all the way and was at the Eythstraße/Bessemerstraße corner at exactly 21:00 and know that the last stretch takes 3 minutes in a steady sprint, which I had energy for, and so was able come in with a sub-24 time, very nice.