Sun, Mar 4, 2018 - 13K - 01:35:00
13K Run with Gisi including Timed 5K IKEA Run (24:54)
Really didn't want to run today, but marathon and half marathon are approaching in April and I need to get my 5K speeds up again. Took off with Gisi down the Teltow canal in the direction of the Ullsteinhaus but cut up on Chlodwigstraße which brought us to the starting line of my timed 5K IKEA loop. Gisi took off early since she was running straight home anyway, and I caught her halfway under the S-Bahn tunnel, then again on Priesterweg since she took the stairs and I took the ramp up.  
I was hitting all the check points at my fastest 5K time until about 8:00 when my general energy plummeted and breathing became harder. It was actually above zero temperatures (3°C) and sunny, so I enjoyed the run, but barely made it in under 25 minutes, my worst time since November 9th last year and 1:34 minutes under my current best time. I need to get my speed back up on my 5K before April. Hopefully with a little warmer temperatures, it will be possible to get back down to 23:17 again or lower.