Sun, Sep 23, 2012 - 10K - 00:59:10
10K Timed Canal Run with Gisi, Last Run of the Marathon Season
This was my last training run before the Berlin Marathon next week and I took the advice of Pete and Scott to do a timed 10K today in one hour as a preparation for the last 10K of the marathon next week. The goal is next week at 32K in the marathon when my legs are drained of energy and not responding anymore, to take out my headphones and become "Chi Man" for the next hour, focusing on pushing my debilitated body to its limit, assuming the Chi Position "falling forward on broken legs letting gravity pull my chin into the finish line" breaking the last 10K up into "ten 1K races", finishing each in 6 minutes, which will allow me to get as far under 04:30:00 as I can, God willing. 
So today Gisi and I went out to do a 10K in one hour, I ran off ahead checking off each kilometer in six minutes, and finished strong with a 00:59:10, while Gisi came in running strong as well with a 01:07:50. It was quite cool, definitely an autumn day, but once we got running, quite warm. I'm excited for this marathon, it's more than a race, more like a city party, and in any case, it's now less than 7 days away. 
first kilometer, check: 
"I am CHI MAN!": 
So that's it for the the 2012 summer Berlin Marathon training season, I'm taking what I've got to the starting line next week: