Sun, Aug 5, 2012 - 23K - 02:30:00
23K Run: 5K sprint, 10K as pacer bunny
Gisi needed to run do a 10K training between 9 and 10 so I kept my run near home so I could be back right at 9. Decided to do a 4K out to my 5K IKEA sprint loop, a 4K back, and then a 10K together, me running out front as a pacer. My 5K was 25:02, not near my best but felt good actually, and our 10K was 01:10:00, a nice marathon pace, we'll be doing a 10K here together in about a month. 
Running up to the 5K starting line: 
Back home, cool drink, back out again: 
Then a 10K canal loop as pacer bunny for Gisi, lots of people running along canal Sunday morning, go Steglitz!