Sun, Mar 15, 2015 - 42K - 04:27:57
Barcelona Marathon 2015 (04:27:57)
Had an extremely solid run today, it was my #22 marathon and definitely one of the marathons in which I felt my best, stayed at a 6-minute per kilometer pace with German team Lars, Matthias and Sven for 18K, then dropped back but never broke down, powered right up to the end even through the last 2K uphill. The weather was absolutely perfect: blue sky, white clouds, cool air, and warm sun. The palm trees and the view of the Mediterranean Sea added to the feeling of good weather. My goal was 04:30:00 and the 04:27:57 was not achieved without pushing it from 35K and then up the last hill since I knew I had the 04:30:00 pacers right on my tail but I didn't let them catch me, after I got in the finish zone, I looked back and saw them finishing, nice! This is a well-organized marathon in a beautiful city, I can recommend it! 
got out of hotel at 7:00 
The good thing about a marathon is it has a very clear and definite goal: 
The finishing stretch: 
conjuring up energy with my German running team Lars, Matthias, and Sven 
on way to start: 
the team, I stayed with them till 18K, Lars got a 04:10:24, Matthias 04:12:26, and Sven 04:21:51 
The start was well orchestrated, with Freddie Mercury singing Barcelona, then right before the start an explosion of purple confetti in the air. 
we're off 
Casa Milà 
Sagrada Familia 
Chrisopher Columbus atop his column pointing left toward the New World, I, however, turned right toward the finish line 
The marathon is 42K, but the extra 195 meters they tack on is your victory stretch, always a joy 
In the finish zone, I looked back and saw the 04:30:00 pacers finish, nice feeling: