Sun, Jul 15, 2018 - 15K - 02:00:00
15K Run through Stralsund and Countryside
Vacationing with the family in Stralsund, I wanted to have an early-morning sunrise experience during my run so got out the door at 4:23 AM from our hotel which was on the outskirts of Stralsund. I was out in the countryside within about 20 minutes running through Vogelsang, a wonderful little isolated and rectangular village that looks like something of a Truman's World from the satellite pictures, from the ground like any other German village where everyone knows everyone else. Within two minutes I was through it and running further out into the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern countryside. I eventually found Rostocker Chausee and followed it like an arrow all the way back to the Stralsund Bahnhof and into the Altstadt. Except for stopping at a gas station to get a Multivitamin jug to drink and seeing a man on a bike, I don't think I saw anyone on the streets until I got to the middle of the Altstadt where I began to see a few shopkeepers beginning to prepare their stores for Sunday's tourists. As quickly as I was in the Altstadt, I was out, over the one street that exists north and then into and through the Stralsund suburbs back to the hotel, nearing the zoo at the end. It was a memorable run: I saw more animals than people (deer and birds) and had quite a number of beautiful views of the rising sun with morning mist still covering the fields.