Mon, Jan 1, 2018 - 21K - 02:30:00
21K New Year's Run with Timed 5K (24:07) and 7K with Gisi
Since I had to take my daughter to a birthday party at 13:30, I decided to take advantage of getting out of the house to go for my first run of the year. Since it was 10°C out, I wore my shorts with black running jacket, got a Car2Go and took my daughter to the middle of north Steglitz, parked the car, she got out and ran left to her party and I ran right 5K to IKEA to the starting line of my 5K timed run.  
During my timed 5K, I was actually running record speed until about 3K at which point all of the cookies and chocolate I had eaten during the Christmas season came back to revisit me as I felt both my leg energy and breathing suffer, but pushed it on the final stretch and finished with a decent time of 24:07.  
I ran back home, consumed a tall glass of orange juice Schorle, and took off with Gisi for another 7K down into Lankwitz and back for a 21K total today. There are 110 days till the Nantes Marathon where the goal is to weigh 73 kilos and be running 23-minute 5Ks in order to get as close to 04:00:00 again as possible.