Thu, Dec 28, 2017 - 23K - 02:30:00
23K Niedersachsen Run to Kalkriese and Back
While on vacation here in Niedersachsen at my parents-in-law's farm house at the end of the year, I wanted to get a country run in, and was given a tip by a cousin-in-law here that the Varusschlacht and the 19th century manor house Schloss Neu Barenaue were about 12K away and would a run to them would make a nice half-marathon-plus through beautiful countryside.  
Karla and Gisi accompanied me for the first 4K in their bikes, braving the cold and strong wind as I did. At 4K, they took off toward Hunteburg, while I continued on toward Venne and then on to Kalkriese where I run up to the Varusschlacht museum and got as close to Schloss Neu Barenaue    as I could, as it had a Privatweg sign on its driveway and is not officially a public building.  
Right after that, I got on the side path along the Mittellandkanal and ran a good 8K along it down to Schwegerhoffstraße, then via Horst back to my parents-in-law's house. 
I started early enough that the whole run was in daylight and the combination of cold wind and warm sun made it a refreshing and memorable run.