Thu, Apr 23, 2020 - 14K - 01:30:00
2x IKEA 5K Speed Runs (24:52, 27:43), 1x with Hannah (32:03)
I wanted to do two 5K timed-runs on Thursday after work and Hannah said she would like to meet me for my second 5K run, which I thought was an interesting idea since it would make our speeds a bit more even.  
I took the Ring Bahn to Tempelhof and had a light 1-kilometer warm-up run to the IKEA start. I felt decent on my first 5K but the heat got to me as it always does, and I soon saw on the watch that I was behind last week's time, finishing with a 24:52, still under 25 though.  
About three minutes after I finished, still walking around recovering from the sprint, Hannah rode up on her bicycle ready for 5K #2. She locked up her bike and we walked to the starting line again.  
Taking off the second time, I could feel the lack of energy in my legs. I noticed Hannah behind me all the way to the ramp at Südkreuz then steadily pulled ahead of her on Priesterweg. I finished the second 5K with a 27:43, which was 9 seconds behind Hannah's 5K time in January's Spandau race when she was in top shape for our France run, and so I felt quite humbled. A few minutes after that Hannah came running in with a 32:03, about 20 seconds slower than last week, just like me, certainly because of the added heat this week. 
After my second run, my right foot started hurting again, my ankle is a bit swollen from apparently spraining it on my 3K run back from Lichterfeld-Ost last week after Hannah's and my 16K Jüterbog run, although I don't remember spraining it, and I though it had went away, but apparently not. I'm probably going to take about 10 days off for it to heal.  
Nice to know I'm still under 25, though. I look forward to getting my time down on my 5K runs again.