Sun, Jan 7, 2018 - 11K - 01:15:00
11K to IKEA and Back with Timed 5K (23:17)
I got out the door today about 15:00 into a nice-looking day with low sun and blue sky, but very cold air, around 2°C, so almost freezing. When I got to the starting line at IKEA for my 5K run, I didn't feel particularly ready to run and was hoping for a 24:00 again, but during the first few kilometers I was able to run very smoothly and was noticeably early to all of my pace points, i.e. I rounded the corner at Reichartstraße and Siemensdamm at exactly 3:00 which I don't remember doing for years.  
It was one of those runs where the past training runs combine and give you a new level of energy, and so I ran with it and kept passing my pace points almost a minute early. I got to the Arnulfstraße turn right after 16:00 which I only remember from my fastest runs seven years ago. My lungs were straggling a little behind my legs but my legs felt very strong.  
I rounded the last Bessemerstraße corner for the 3-minute stretch about 50 seconds ahead of time and so knew I was going to get a record run. A little 90-year-old woman being pushed my direction in a wheel chair cheered me on, very cute, I gave her a thumbs up as I passed and pushed it hard down Bessemerstraße to finish with a 30-second lead on my best time in 2017, and got my fastest 5K time in seven years.  
I now only have four more times to beat in my post-2010 recorded 5Ks: 23:16, 23:02, 22:59, and 22:45, so if I cut 33 seconds off my time, I will be running my fastest speed again. After that, my next goal will be to get down to my best high school time, which I remember as 21:21. In any case, having a consistently fast 5K time I believe will help me get as close as possible to 4:00:00 again in the Nantes Marathon this April, we'll see, 104 more days.