Wed, Jun 29, 2022 - 5.5K - 00:27:56
2022 Berliner Firmenlauf
This was my fourth Berliner Firmenlauf, an event with hundreds of companies and thousands of runners on sprinting around a very fast 5.5K route with about four turns, the last stretch at least a kilometer long straight down Straße des 17. Juni to the finish line. We had 15 runners with 4 from our webdev team, many improved their times from last year when we ran through a crazy rainstorm, this race being a bit warm but a very nice summer evening. I improved my time from last year by almost minute, felt good but not good enough to stay up with Shinhee whom I followed until right before 3K where I saw on my watch I was under 15 minutes. Afterwards we spent hours drinking beers and talking at a Bavarian restaurant at Potsdamer Platz, very fun. 
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