Sat, Sep 19, 2015 - 36K - 05:00:00
36K Run To Bertolt Brecht's Grave
With 50 days to go till the Athens Marathon I figured I needed to start my mega-runs again to get my legs back up to marathon-length capacity. I ran off with Gisi down the canal toward the Ullsteinhaus where she turned back at 3.5 kilometers which gave her 7K, which, added to my 36K, gave us a combined marathon of 43K, a unique and very proactive way for us to celebrate our 18th wedding anniverary. :-) From there, I kept on running east until I got into former East Berlin at Treptower Park, then headed straight up through Görlitzer Park, up the very colorful and lively Oranienburgerstr. through Kreuzberg and into tourist Berlin Mitte via Checkpoint Charlie, up Friedrichstr. until I got to my goal, Dorotheenstadt cemetery, in which I found Bertolt Brecht's grave, where I promptly I took a victory selfie. Karla had read me a story of Brecht's last week which I found quite insightful ("Die unwürdige Greisin") and looking him up, I found that he was buried in this cemetery along with other illustrious German figures such as Hegel and Fichte. By this time, the sunny September day had turned to overcast and light rain but which never got too cold and so I quite enoyed it for the next two-hour trek back home via the Hauptbahnhof, down past Merkel's office, through the Tiergarten, straight down to and under the S-Bahn at Friedenau where I was finally back in my less eventful Kiez and enjoyed the last couple kilometers of this quite exhausting but very experience-rich run through Berlin.