Wed, May 13, 2020 - 19K - 02:00:00
3x IKEA 5K Speed Runs (24:56, 26:36, 28:56), 1x with Hannah (29:31)
Hannah has been working out quite a bit lately and wanted to do another timed 5K to try to get under 30 minutes again. The weather report indicated that Wednesday would be dry but still relatively cool, so we decided to do another 3x/1x 5K race where I do two timed IKEA 5Ks, then Hannah joins me for the third round as a race. 
I got out at S-Bahnhof Tempelhof at about 17:50 so had a nice, slow warm-up kilometer to the starting line at the planned 18:00. I didn't feel especially fast, and there were still some warm rays of sun on Priesterweg, but got below a 25 again (24:56). The second round was tough at the beginning but I felt my energy return after about 2K feeling strong after that, and came in a full three minutes ahead of last run's second around (29:49 --> 26:36).  
When I finished my second round, Hannah was waiting for me with a wonderful bottle of water which I enjoyed. Then we walked to the starting line for Round 3.  
I couldn't stay up with Hannah at the beginning, but well into Priesterweg I finally got in my groove and slowly caught up to her, steadily passing her around 2K. She stayed quite close behind me, though, finishing only a half minute behind me (28:56 and 29:31), so both of us improved our times on this round by more than 3 minutes over our last runs here, very nice. 
This weekend we have our 3rd Corona-Do-It-Yourself 10K Race, probably at Tempelhofer Feld, looking forward to it and seeing how low Hannah can get on her 10K time. I know she'd be happy to get as close to 01:00:00 again as possible, best recent time was 01:01:31 at Britzer Garten in December, but I don't know if she's gotten back up to that speed yet, although her 29:31 five kilometer time this week looks promising.