Thu, Nov 9, 2017 - 21K - 02:55:00
21K After-Work Half Marathon, with timed 5K (25:01)
Shut computer down at 18:01 and by 18:21 was out running through the cool, crisp Berlin air on my way from Bundesallee toward Berlin city center. Since after-work runs occur long after the sun goes down now, I stay mostly on main streets so as to have maximum light, which also means dodging pedestrians and dogs, particularly on streets like Hauptstraße, which is quite fun actually, like a real-life video game. 
After a 6K warm-up, I made it to the Brandenburg gate which is my starting line of my timed 5K around the Tiergarten. I ran steady for the first half, kept strong aerobic breathing during the second half, and got a decent time of 25:01. Afterwards walked for about five minutes to get a breather, then took off for the 10K warm-down back home. It wasn't that cold, about 6°C and so actually nice night-time running weather.