Sun, Jan 22, 2012 - 30K - 03:45:00
Templehof/Grunewald 30K
Took off at 1:00 P.M. on a 10K run with Gisi south along the canal all the way to the Ullstein Haus, then up into Tempelhof to go see where our daughter's orthodontist's office is, in case I need to take her there sometime, then we went into the Alter Park which has views of the Tempelhof Dorfkirche that make you think you are in the country village somewhere, we were right at 5K so ran the same route back for solid 10K, running is always a good time for uninterrupted conversations, and the weather was decent until I dropped off Gisi at home and took off for the next 20K during which is drizzled the whole way, so just hankered down into a good pace, got warm, and listened to podcasts, nothing really spectacular today but it keeps your mind off the fact that you are running through the muddy forest, lots of fresh air to breath, and Grunewald at least has little points of interest you find on your run through it, like the Jadgschloss with the Cranach exhibit, need to go on a family walk there in the spring/summer sometime, but that is also where everyone in Berlin seems to bring their dog, so if you like seems super-happy dogs running around chasing sticks, etc. all the better. Had to crawl through the Autobahn underpass again and then back into the Grunewald and was constantly puddle hopping through the forest. I guess with this run I am now officially waiting for spring, can't for warm days again. Legs feel a bit sore but strong, a good workout. 
approaching one of my fa 
Ullsteinhaus from the 20s 
into Tempelhof: 
Alter Park: 
dropped off Gisi, then took off for 20 more kilometers 
drizzle weather for the rest of the run: 
refresher before taking off into the Grunewald 
true muddy cross-country: 
ran through Grunewald Jagdschloss with Cranach exhibition: 
Reitclub Grunewald: 
Forsthaus Paulsborn 
a look back at Grunewaldsee 
approaching the challenging Autobahn underpass: 
back in the Grunewald 
a view to Teufelsberg, need to run up there in the summer 
the Helios Sports Club hidden in Grunewald 
back under the Autobahn 
Seaside Fitness Club without a sea 
down the long Podbielskiallee back to Dahlem/Steglitz