Wed, May 3, 2017 - 10K - 01:10:00
After-Work 10K with Timed 5K (24:45)
AFTER-WORK 10K WITH TIMED 5K (24:45) Donned running gear after work and got out the door this evening at about 18:15 for a nice warm-up run out to IKEA to the starting line of my 5K. For the first 2K I was actually a little behind my time on Sunday, but picked it up with some strong running on the Priesterweg straight-away and never let up until the end. Thanks to the little dog on the final Bessemerstr. stretch who came running at me with teeth brandished and yapping, which gave me a shot of adrenaline which certainly cut at least 3 seconds off my time. :-) Was very glad to get under 25 minutes and hopefully can get this down into the 23s by the Potsdam Half Marathon on June 11 where I hope to run as close to two hours as possible.