Mon, Oct 3, 2022 - 38K - 05:10:46
38K Mahlsdorf to Steglitz Run
This was the second to last marathon training run before the Bilbao Marathon on October 22nd. I had heard of Mahlsdorf from Hannah who works with some people who live here. It is a Bezirk on the extreme east side of Berlin, one more stop and one is in Brandenburg. It seemed much more livable than Buch, many green streets and walking paths in between houses. I was soon in the last/forest district on my way to Kausldorf and beyond. The greenery setting I use on Google Earth now found many trails to run on that were completely green as they ran through urban areas. I had the feeling that I ran the 38K in about 75% green areas, and of course spent much of my time on the former Berlin Wall, a regular green strip cutting through parts of Berlin.