Sun, May 20, 2012 - 34K - 04:00:00
34K Sunny Run to Stralau Peninsula
Today's run went out to investigate a little peninsula that I have seen many times across the river while in Treptower Park. I didn't expect there to be a running path all around its perimeter, but there was, and the whole half island turned out to be a little paradise, a wonderful secret place for a sunny day if you like lying on the grass in the sun close to the water. It was a hot and beautiful day, the heat and distance got to me at 32K but had a nice shady run home from there along the Teltow canal, another nice reconnaissance run, I feel like I know Berlin a little bit better now, had no idea it had a hidden peninsula. 
Tempelhof Park, spaciously unique: 
approaching the peninsula: 
first sights make you think the whole peninsula is abandoned and run down: 
then you arrive in a minor paradise: 
a perfect route for a run, the path goes along the perimeter of the peninsula all the way around: 
here's a map of the peninsula, it said that Karl Marx used to live here while working on his doctorate in Berlin, but then, everybody has to work on their doctorate somewhere 
through Treptower Park, always gargantuan: 
Soviet war memorial vastness: 
a "Computer and Internet" store: 
want to buy a vowel? 
back in West Berlin: 
water and sun at 32K: 
shady path home: