Sun, Mar 20, 2016 - 13K - 01:30:00
13K Posh Run from Koenigsallee to Steglitz
Another day of non-inviting, end-of-winter weather: drizzly, cold and gray. But with two weeks to go to the Berlin Half Marathon, Gisi and I had to get in at least a 10K+, and so donned our shoes, hopped in a Car2Go and drove out to the part of town where Koenigsallee meets KuDamm, neighborhoods where money grows on trees and houses are the size of medium-size department stores. It at least stopped drizzling by half-way and it wasn't as cold as last year. For all of this cold and prickly weather we've been running through of late, on April 3rd we want to feel some warm air and sunshine on our faces as we run around Berlin with the rest of the 30,000 people who are also probably wishing for good weather, so let's have it! :-)