Sat, Apr 12, 2014 - 10K - 00:58:34
10K Airport Night Run with Hannah
Well, our goal in this race was to run the 10K in under one hour and we beat it mightily with a 00:58:34! Hannah ran a very steady and strong race throughout and I just kept right along side her. Never in the race did I feel her break down or get significantly slower, just a solid pace from one kilometer to the next, starting out with a 5:30 pace for the first 3K and then keeping it steady down to a 6:00 pace to 9K where I told Hannah, "Ok, let's increase our speed gradually right into the finish line" and she did it! In fact, at 400 meters a man signaled us to stay to the left and she said, "Daddy, we have to stay left!" and she darted through the runners over to the left side, which started the final leg of our race: Hannah sprinting through the crowd past runner after runner and me following her. At the 100 meter mark, Hannah and I were side by side, she in a dead sprint with me running hard to stay next to her, and we continued to pass people and finished hard into the finish line, an absolutely awesome race and a wonderful finish! I asked Hannah after the race, "How could your sprint like that at the end?" and she said, "I couldn't feel my legs anymore, so I just ran as hard as I could." Hannah's 5K time was 27:34, and she finished 7th out of 14 in her age class "Women under 18", not bad for a 9 year old. Well, that's not the last race Hannah and I run together, the girl is fast! 
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