Thu, Nov 29, 2018 - 13K - 01:30:00
13K Run Home from Work with Timed-5K Tiergarten Loop (23:33)
Since I got within 16 seconds of my all-time top 5K times in my last run, I decided for this run to create optimal conditions to get a top-ten time tonight by taking the S-Bahn after work to the Hauptbahnhof which is a 1K warm-up run to the starting line of my 5K timed-loop at Tiergarten, in order to run on optimally fresh legs.  
It was a below-zero-Celsius night, apparently optimal conditions for my fastest runs. I really like my new, yellow running jacket with built-in half gloves, very warm and conducive for running since it is somehow ventilated when you run so you don't get too hot.  
In any case, when I arrived at the start of my Tiergarten 5K, it was extremely cold. I gave it the best I could, pushing both legs and lungs throughout, and got within 6 seconds of my top ten runs (23:33, just six seconds shy of 23:27, the time I have to beat). Afterwards, I had a solid run back home, keeping a fast and strong pace mostly to stay warm.