Fri, May 6, 2022 - 22K - 02:55:00
22K Kreuzberg to Steglitz Run
Had to deliver a backpack and bread to Karla so got a SHARE NOW car, parked it next to the former Templehof Airport then ran a half kilometer into Kreuzberg, delivered the goods and then took off out of Bergmannstr. onto Friesenstr: up to the Landwehrkanal which I turned left on and followed it all the way up into the Tiergarten and further through Charlottenburg. The half-plan was to meet Gisi after work but she wrote she had already left, so I immediately turned left on Wilmersdorfer Str. back down through the city, eventually got onto Joachim-Friedrich-Str. down to Breitscheidtplatz and on further to Heidelberger Platz to Breitenbachplatz around the Botanischer Garten and then on home through the parks to Steglitz. 
I had done power gymnastics yesterday so legs were a little sore, especially after 20K but my endurance is getting better, also at end of run I was back down to 80.2 kilos, almost under 80 again.