Mon, Feb 17, 2020 - 15K - 02:00:00
15K After-Work Run Home from Work via Kreuzberg
I had to get home early on Thursday and so for my after-work run took the shortest route through the city, which turned out to be a little over 15 kilometers straight down through Friedrichshain, west across Kreuzberg and then straight down past Südkreuz and down Munsterdamm home.  
As countries cancel multi-thousand-attendee events across Europe because of the Corona virus (today's March 1st Paris Half Marathon was postponed), I'm looking for other marathons besides Rotterdam on April 5th with its 41,000 runners from all over the world. One alternative might be the April 4th 51st Göltzschtal-Marathon (in Saxony, 50 kilometers south of Altenburg) which had 62 runners last year who had a span of finishing times from 02:47:41 to 05:12:02, so sounds just right. 
In any case, as far as a marathon in April, the show must go on wherever it takes place, so I need to get in some higher double-digit training runs in the next couple weeks.