Sat, Mar 7, 2020 - 20K - 03:00:00
20K Griebnitzsee to Steglitz Run with Gisi
Gisi and I will be running her 10th half marathon together next Saturday, so we wanted to get in a half-marathon-length training run this weekend. I remembered from one of my previous runs that Griebnitzsee near Babelsberg is about a half marathon distance away from our home, so we took the S-Bahn to Wannsee and then to Griebnitzsee, got out and started running east. We were very soon on forest paths heading toward Dreilinden and took a short detour to visit the 1940 Reichsautobahn 51, which was closed off by the GDR in 1972 and today is a graffiti sprayer's paradise overgrown by nature.  
We then ran through Dreilinden, a kind of Silicon Valley ghost town where Ebay is still located, then had to make our way down some roads near the autobahn that reminded me of running in the United States where you don't have any sidewalks or paths and have to make your way through a kind of urban landscape made for motorized vehicles only.  
But soon we were back on Stolper Weg in Dreilinden with a ordentlicher Fahhradweg, then through post-1989 new housing development, out toward Hakeburg castle where we found the WWII memorial to Nordahl Grieg where he crashed his plane in December 1943, then down the long Oderstraße to Teltow. After that we were in very familiar running territory again along the Teltowkanal all the way home. 
So with that run in our legs, we're looking forward to a flat half marathon on Saturday where Gisi hopes to win back the family half-marathon trophy for which she'll have her second chance to beat Hannah's Olso Half Marathon time of 02:26:56.