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Continuity Bands in the 1970s
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
Foreplay, commercially, Blue, Boston, Frampton, jazzy, MIT, women, Brian, punk, sensitivity, husband, natural, Johnston, 1980, disco, Scholz, Foreigner, Devil, Martin, friendliness, 1970s, Francisco, Perry, London
bands from who continued what they were doing in the first half of            also in the second half
The Rolling Stones
1976 Black and         
"Fools Cry"
1978 Some Girls
"Beast of Burden"
"Miss You"
became a            song
1980 Emotional Rescue
they outlasted disco and         
The Beatles' members
Paul McCartney
by far the most                          successful
Paul McCartney and Wings
1974 Band on the Run
1974 Jet
1976 Wings at the Speed of Sound
Silly Love Songs
1978              Town
With a Little Luck
Ringo Starr
good first half of the 1970s
George Harrison
33 and a third
John Lennon
New York apartment
raising his son and being a house               
1980 Double Fantasy
murdered in December         
"Just Like Starting Over"
The Steve Miller Band
San                    group
like Greatful Dead
Jefferson Airplane
1973 The Joker
1976 Fly Like an Eagle
Rock 'n' Me
Take the Money and Run
The Doobie Brothers
San Francisco
two stages of career
first half of 70s
1972: Listen to the Music
1973: Long Train Running
second half of 70s
Michael McDonald
a different sound
not so much blues but more            like Steely Dan
1976: Taking it to the Streets
1979: Minute by Minute
big #1 album
Michael McDonald goes onto solo career after that
degree from       
1976: Boston
most astoundingly successful debut albums
"More than a Feeling"
mellow guitar
symphonic, instrumental
harmony guitars, as if drawn from            May of Queen
big sounding number
"                /Long Time"
similar to Yes, Emerson, Lake and Palmer
comparable to             
1977: "Feels like the First Time"
high synthesizer
"Cold as Ice"
hard driving blues rock approach with progressive rock
San Francisco
Gregg Rolie
Neal Schon
emphasis on instrumentals
high voice
becomes a different band with him
1978: Infinity
"Feeling That Way"
marketing of Journey and                    was different
Foreigner was marketed to guys
Hot Blooded
Check It and See
Feels Like the First Time
not a lot of                        there
Journey marketed to           
Steve Perry's job was to emote a kind of sensitivity
so you would never find Foreigner doing a song like lovin', touchin' squeezin'
but from Steve Perry somehow it seemed entirely               
Cheap Trick
Rockford, Illinois
Rick Neilsen
Robin Zander, nice voice
first big album was a live album
like Kiss and Peter                 
1979: Cheap Trick at Budokan
"I Want You to Want Me"
went to #7
went to work with George              from the Beatles
Van Halen
arises in this context in the end of the 1970s
1978 Van Halen
blues driven rock with David Lee Roth with a certain amount of charisma that you didn't find in a lot of other groups
"Runnin' with the           "
people tend to focus on the guitars
but these were great pop tunes with a catchy voice, a pop sensibility
a radio                          which enabled it to get played over and over
1970s: Hippie Aesthetic, Corporate Rock, Disco, and Punk
British Blues-Based Bands and the Roots of Heavy Metal
American Blues Rock and Southern Rock
The Era of Progressive Rock
Jazz Rock in the 70s
Theatrical Rock: KISS, Bowie, and Alice Cooper
American Singer-Songwriters of the 70s
British and Canadian Singer-Songwriters
Country Rock's Influence on 1970s Music
Black Pop in the 1970s
Sly Stone and His Influence on Black Pop, Funk, and Psychedelic Soul
Motown in the 1970s
Philadelphia Sound and Soul Train
Blaxploitation Soundtracks
The Uniqueness of James Brown
Bob Marley and the Rise of Reggae
The Backlash Against Disco
1975-1980: The Rise of the Mega-Αlbum
Continuity Bands in the 1970s
Rock and Roll in the Second Half of the 1970s
U.S. Punk 1967-1975
1974-77: Punk in the UK
American New Wave 1977-80
British New Wave 1977-80
The Hippie Aesthetic: 1966-1980
The Rise of MTV
Michael Jackson: MTV's Unexpected Boon
Madonna as Disruptive Shock Artist
Prince and Janet Jackson
Other Groups Who Benefited from MTV
1980s New Traditionalists and New Wave
1980s New Acts, Old Styles and Blue-Eyed Soul
1970s Progressive Rock Adapts to the 80s
1980's Heavy Metal
1980s Heavy Metal and L.A. Hair Bands
1980s Ambitious Heavy Metal
The Beginning of Rap
1980s: Rap Crosses Over to Mainstream
Late 1980s Hard Core Rap
Punk Goes Hardcore
Late 80s Indie Rock Underground
1990s: The Rise of Alternative Rock
1990s Indie Rock and the Question of Selling Out
1990s Metal and Alternative Extensions
Hip-Hop in the 1990s
Classic Rock of the 1990s
1990s Jam Bands and Britpop
Female Singer-Songwriters of the 1990s
The Rise of Teen Idols in the 1990s
1990s Dance Music