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My Notes on Massive Open Online Course:
Poetry in America: Whitman
A module focused on Whitman in a course that surveys 300+ years of poetry in America, from the Puritans to the avant-garde poets of this new century.
Notes on 1 Lectures I Watched in This Course:
Walt Whitman and the City
1 People I Have Learned About in this Course:
James Russel Lowell (1819-1891)
American Romantic poet who became involved in the movement to abolish slavery
  • one of the Fireside Poets
  • graduated from Harvard College in 1838
2 Vocabulary Words I Learned in this Course:
busker, n. a person who makes money by passing the hat to solicit donations while entertaining the public often by playing a musical instrument on the streets or in other public area such as a park or market.  "The man recorded several tunes without commercial success, worked at odd jobs, and took up busking along the piers and storefronts along the beach."
omnibus, n. a large horse-drawn vehicle with spring-suspension and obligatory ceiling where the driver sits on a separate, front-facing bench  "The earliest solution was a horse-drawn vehicle called an omnibus."