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Notes on video lecture:
Late 80s Indie Rock Underground
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
commercial, Enigma, UK, Donahue, Youth, Love, Blondie, apartments, major, 1970s, Boston, university, Sire, colleges, Stipe, Religion, religious, punk, Georgia, changeable
among the                      enterprises in the late 1980s
the was developing an alternative, off-the-radar music community
brought music to people in other ways
hard core          did this as well
college radio and college rock
in the           , AM radio dominated the music scene
FM radio had
classical music
                     correspondence courses
many radios didn't even have an FM band to tune these stations in
Tom                (1928-1975) launched FM Rock and FM Free Form
in 1980s,                  often had their own radio stations
most of them are only interested in broadcasting to the campus itself and surrounding                     
students are given pretty free reign
isn't driven to sell commercial minutes
they tend to play and say anything they want
became part of a movement to bring music that was unsuitable to a crowd looking for something different
very                     , since students come and go
Indie Music becomes popular on college radio stations
provides venues for groups to come and do shows at universities
Indie bands
Peter Buck
formed in 1980
I.R.S. Records
1987 Document
big commercial success for an Indie label
"The One I         "
left I.R.S. Records
went with a            label
sold out in a way
Warner Bros.
told them they could do what they wanted
1988 Green
1991 Out of Time
"Losing My                 "
"Shiny Happy People"
make them into international rock stars
Dinosaur Jr.
Amherst, Massachusetts
J. Mascis
Lou Barlow
1987 Your Living All Over Me
1988 Bug
signed to the          label
had signed punk bands, e.g.                in the 70s
Frank Black
Kim Deal
1988 Surfer Rosa
1989 Doolittle
signed with 4AD
Thurston Moor
"No Wave" reacting again New Wave
from New York
one of the most critically acclaimed bands out of the Indie scenes
Noise Rock
avant garde
1988 Daydream Nation
praised by Indie magazines
released by             
signed with Geffen
The Smiths
from the UK
got played a lot on the U.S. college radio
success in     
led by Morrisey
Johnny Marr
1984 The Smiths
"What Difference Does it Make?"
1985 Meat is Murder
1986 The Queen is Dead

Ideas and Concepts:

Creative rerendering of 1980s UK indie rock hit: "The Smith's "Bigmouth Strikes Again" sung by 50-person choir, via tonight's History of Rock class:"Sweetness, sweetness I was only joking, When I said I'd like to smash every tooth, In your head, Oh sweetness, sweetness, I was only joking, When I said by rights you should be, Bludgeoned in your bed, And now I know how Joan of Arc felt, Now I know how Joan of Arc felt, As the flames rose to her roman nose, And her Walkman started to melt, Bigmouth, la bigmouth, Bigmouth strikes again, And I've got no right to take my place, With the Human race, Oh, bigmouth, la bigmouth, Bigmouth strikes again, And I've got no right to take my place, With the Human race."
1970s: Hippie Aesthetic, Corporate Rock, Disco, and Punk
British Blues-Based Bands and the Roots of Heavy Metal
American Blues Rock and Southern Rock
The Era of Progressive Rock
Jazz Rock in the 70s
Theatrical Rock: KISS, Bowie, and Alice Cooper
American Singer-Songwriters of the 70s
British and Canadian Singer-Songwriters
Country Rock's Influence on 1970s Music
Black Pop in the 1970s
Sly Stone and His Influence on Black Pop, Funk, and Psychedelic Soul
Motown in the 1970s
Philadelphia Sound and Soul Train
Blaxploitation Soundtracks
The Uniqueness of James Brown
Bob Marley and the Rise of Reggae
The Backlash Against Disco
1975-1980: The Rise of the Mega-Αlbum
Continuity Bands in the 1970s
Rock and Roll in the Second Half of the 1970s
U.S. Punk 1967-1975
1974-77: Punk in the UK
American New Wave 1977-80
British New Wave 1977-80
The Hippie Aesthetic: 1966-1980
The Rise of MTV
Michael Jackson: MTV's Unexpected Boon
Madonna as Disruptive Shock Artist
Prince and Janet Jackson
Other Groups Who Benefited from MTV
1980s New Traditionalists and New Wave
1980s New Acts, Old Styles and Blue-Eyed Soul
1970s Progressive Rock Adapts to the 80s
1980's Heavy Metal
1980s Heavy Metal and L.A. Hair Bands
1980s Ambitious Heavy Metal
The Beginning of Rap
1980s: Rap Crosses Over to Mainstream
Late 1980s Hard Core Rap
Punk Goes Hardcore
Late 80s Indie Rock Underground
1990s: The Rise of Alternative Rock
1990s Indie Rock and the Question of Selling Out
1990s Metal and Alternative Extensions
Hip-Hop in the 1990s
Classic Rock of the 1990s
1990s Jam Bands and Britpop
Female Singer-Songwriters of the 1990s
The Rise of Teen Idols in the 1990s
1990s Dance Music