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Notes on video lecture:
Madonna as Disruptive Shock Artist
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
single, bands, Blue, Thriller, crosses, expectations, Enough, MTV, women, scandals, juxtaposing, challenge, Wall, body, hippy, dance, Thing, Broadway, shadow, edginess, animal, complacency, hook, danger, Landis, Gary, music, decade, pole, Jackson, Awards, Beatles, pivotal, large, disco, entertaining, Sire, saint, dance
Michael                and Madonna helped define
what MTV was going to be
how successful it could be as a force in the            business
a tool to bring artists to their audiences
both were very popular
both benefited quite a bit from       
both depend to a large extent on the physical presentation
there is a certain amount of theater and live performance
you've got to see what they are doing
you've got to see how Madonna is                        images
you've got to see how Michael Jackson is doing with this dance moves
their music depended on dance beats and         -laden melodies
both Michael Jackson and Madonna arise out of the disco scene
           began to fade at the beginning of the 1980s
but the idea that songs would be produced mainly for dancing continued to play a big part in the pop music industry
the idea that having music that was particularly good on the            floor was good for business
Michael Jackson
originally from         , Indiana
a child star with the Jackson 5
moved to a new label and renamed themselves as the Jacksons
Michael Jackson launched a solo career as an adult
1979 Off the         
first album
teamed up with Quincy Jones
two big singles
Rock with Me
Don't Stop Till You Get             
one of the most successful disco albums
1983 Album: Thriller
#1 in the USA
#1 in teh UK
many singles that make the top 5
most important             : Billie Jean
MTV launched in 1981
Jackson played Billy Jean in 1983
18 months of MTV playing to a Wayne's World type audience
before Michael Jackson's hits
Michael did the Moon Walk on public television
people wanted to see it on MTV
other singles
Want to be Starting Something
Human Nature
Pretty Young           
understood how to reach out and cross over to a white audience
duet with Paul McCartney: The Girl is Mine
Beat It
Eddie Van Halen appears in video
the ambition that is starting to make its way into MTV
record company spent $500,000 to make the video
runs 10-12 minutes
directed by John             
did Animal House
it becomes more than the song
the video itself is what you had to see
here's where the            aesthetic comes back
the way we present these things as video
1987 Album: Bad
seven hit singles
five of which went to #1
"Man in the Mirror"
the 80s were in many ways the              of Michael Jackson
his later tragic death and the                  that swirled around him may take our attention away from how big, important and popular he was in the 1980s
he was to the 80s what the                were to the 60s
born and raised in Michigan
not too far from Gary, Indiana where Michael Jackson was born, 3 hours away
went to the University of Michigan
didn't finish
moved to New York to be a dancer
worked as a waitress
tried to get into various                  shows and productions
had more success with            and groups pursuing music
album: Madonna (1983)
not so bad
"Lucky Star"
produced by label:          Warner Bros
had produced records for punk and New Wave bands
early 80s post disco
you don't hear the                  of what Madonna would become with the next album
happy on the dance floor, girlish voice, no sense of             , a lot of fun, no sense of confrontation
album: Like a Virgin (1984)
Madonna doesn't just want to be a great dancer for AM radio and dance clubs
she wants to                    and she wants to shock
shock us out of our                       
subverts what people think women should be in our society
disruptive shock artist
lots of hits
"Material Girl"
"Dress You Up"
her performance of Like a Virgin at the MTV Video Music              (1984)
starts out atop a wedding cake
she comes down off the cake
becomes a type of          dance, extremely sexy, sensual and provocative
juxtaposed the virginal bride and the sexual woman
challenging men's                          of women
good mother
in bedroom a sexual             
it launch Madonna as an artist of some controversy
album: True          (1986)
"Papa Don't Preach"
album: Like a Prayer (1989)
controversial video
stigmata on hands
fantasy sex with a religious icon of a           
juxtaposing sex, guilt, the         , religion, spirituality
1985 Desperately Seeking Susan
1990 Dick Tracy
opposite Warren Beatty
was a role model for girls during the Like a Virgin era
more importantly, she became a role model for women artists
she took control of her career
delivered the message that            could not only be participants in the music business
they could be controllers and decision makers
casts a long              for women after her
she was a smart women who got us to think about some of our assumptions at a time when the culture really was changing in many ways
pop music can be important in this way since it brings a message to a            audience
and it can be                          as well
so in many ways, Madonna was a                figure

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Ideas and Concepts:

Vocabulary via tonight's History of Rock and Roll class: "musical hook, n. a musical idea, often a short riff, passage, or phrase, that is used in popular music to make a song appealing and to catch the ear of the listener, some aspect of the music or the performance that stands out and is easily remembered. 'Particularly Michael Jackson and Madonna had a symbiotic relationship with MTV, both depending on its visual format while bringing MTV to new heights of popularity. Both Jackson's and Madonna's fame depended on a certain amount of theater and live performance, much of their music based on dance beats and hook-laden melodies and physical moves that began to be repeated and made popular by the growing MTV audience."
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