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Notes on video lecture:
The Rise of MTV
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
staple, entertainment, antenna, 1972, landscape, FM, municipalities, cable, 1979, Pittsburgh, British, boundaries, artistic, home, limited, tour, Canada, London, advertising, schools, Disco, Sarnoff, sharing, buildings, pictures, Nesmith, broadcast, States, 1980, get, paying, Corporate, homogenous, VCRs, rock, Buggles, dedicated, 1981, profits, promo
on August 1,         , MTV launched its all-music, 24-hour cable TV
nobody had ever done anything quite like this before
an important moment in the history of          music
as MTV develops, it changes the music                   
the business of music
the ways people are able to        to music
in a way that the Internet and file                has changed the music business in a significant way
second half of 70s
rise of           
rise of Punk, which led to New Wave
continuation of bands which adapted to the more                      80s music format
often seen as lower quality music
but nevertheless has become a              of rock and roll until today
the origins of MTV
not in the music business at all
but in the cable TV business
to understand the history of MTV, we need to know the history of            TV
arose in places where regular television broadcasts via                were obstructed somehow
e.g. south of                      where there is a mountainous region
a valuable service to run a cable
economic and pragmatic benefit
also useful in cities where there are tall                   
provided premium entertainment
special sporting events
normally you wouldn't get on                    television
we take this for granted today with the Internet
but this was even before people had         
the idea of seeing a movie in your own          without it being on broadcast television and interrupted by commercials, was unheard of
something that was entirely new and a service worth              for
one of the first companies active in providing premium entertainment
Home Box Office
already active in 1972
an all movie and events channel
all sports
24-hour cable news
1981 MTV
before you could find video DJs on cable
but this was the first channel                    exclusively to music 24-7
Saturday Night Live commercial
a cable TV company
they laughed at the idea back then of a 24-hour weather channel, 24-hour golf channel
cable was only in very                regions of the country
but people started to realize that if you had cable, you had many more options of                           
cities and                              were convinced to lay the cable in
so MTV starts with a relatively limited audience and begins to grow
when it was first developed, there were two                of thought on what that channel should be
1. Michael               
former Monkees guitarist
MTV should be channel that should show real                  content
give artists the ability to do things with video that would push the                     
2. others
MTV should be like radio with                 
use videos to promote records, sell                       , just like the FM stations do
similar to what David                did with TV after WWII
went with the commercial music broadcasting route
it wasn't seen at the beginning as a rival to      radio
but it turned out that it was
first problem
the availability of            videos
in the UK many bands made promo video
since UK countries were far apart
New Zealand
you make a video and send it
in the States, the approach was more to send the band on         
when MTV launched, they played
Video killed the Radio Star by the               
English new wave band formed in              in 1977 by singer and bassist Trevor Horn and keyboardist Geoffrey Downes
they had a video at the right time
otherwise would never have become popular in the             
the first couple years there were mostly                bands on MTV for this reason
it was difficult to convince bands to invest money to create a music video
few people in the music business thought these videos were going to do them any good or make them               
not that many people had cable yet
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