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Notes on video lecture:
Bob Marley and the Rise of Reggae
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
Sound, African, parties, Harder, Jamaica, Wailers, Jamaica, records, Blackwell, Fire, Clapton, Vibration, lilting, black, Orleans, easy, UK, scratch, 1970s, York, Rocksteady
Reggae is often grouped with            pop music of the 1970s
but Reggae music is not really                American music
it's music that comes out of               
they were close enough to New                that they could get the radio broadcasts
rock and roll and R&B perhaps the most influential
tried to imitate the sounds but ending up adding a                rhythm
records were not          for them to get
The            System Men
DJs that would play at various               
would                the labels off the records they had
eventually made its way to New         
was the foundation of a lot of Hip Hop and Rap
Ska and                     
both precede Reggae
Reggae groups
Bob Marley
Peter Toash
Bunny Livingston
some success in                but not much
Chris                    of Island Records came along
wanted to release Jamaican music in the UK
a small market
signed the Wailers
had some popularity in     
underground in US
1973 Catch a         
1973 Burnin'
I shot the Sheriff
Get Up, and Stand Up
pretty much unknown in US in 1973
later was Bob Marley and the Wailers
two factors that lead to popularity of Reggae in the United States
1. in 1973, a film: The              They Come
starred and had sound track by Jimmy Cliff
people were exposed to Reggae
2. in 1974, Eric               
Album: 461 Ocean Boulevard
had taken some time off
his come-back album
in Miami
someone gives him a copy of the Wailers, I Shot the Sheriff
he                it, it becomes a #1 hit
so the first Reggae hit that most white rockers heard was by Eric Clapton
they look into Bob Marley and the Wailers
Bob Marley becomes a rock star in the United States
when we talk about the rise of Reggae in America in the           , we're really talking about the rise of Bob Marley and the Wailers
Bob Marley
1976: Rastaman                   
1977: Exodus
dies of cance in 1981
as his death approached he became a symbol for freedom and peace

Ideas and Concepts:

Rock and roll gem of the evening, 1967 interview with Eric Clapton explaining how to play the electric guitar, via tonight's History of Rock and Roll class: "The electronic guitar is often dismissed as nothing but a jangling noise machine, incapable of subtlety or delicacy, yet lead guitarist Eric Clapton has built his reputation as a Blues player on just these qualities, subtlety and delicacy. CLAPTON:If a guy likes playing football, then that is what he will use to get out all the angry bits in him. Well, I've got the advantage of being able to play that out on the guitar."
1970s: Hippie Aesthetic, Corporate Rock, Disco, and Punk
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The Era of Progressive Rock
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Philadelphia Sound and Soul Train
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Bob Marley and the Rise of Reggae
The Backlash Against Disco
1975-1980: The Rise of the Mega-Αlbum
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Rock and Roll in the Second Half of the 1970s
U.S. Punk 1967-1975
1974-77: Punk in the UK
American New Wave 1977-80
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Hip-Hop in the 1990s
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