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The Music of the Beatles
The Music of the Beatles will track the musical development of the band, starting from the earliest days in Liverpool and Hamburg, moving through the excitement of Beatlemania, the rush of psychedelia, and the musical maturity of Abbey Road.
Notes on 3 Lectures I Watched in This Course:
Organizing the Biography
1957-1963: Before Beatlemania
Hamburg and Liverpool
2 People I Have Learned About in this Course:
Brian Epstein (1934-1967)
English music entrepreneur, managed the Beatles until his death in 1967
  • discovered Beatles during lunchtime Cavern Club performance
  • secured meeting with George Martin, head of EMI's Parlophone label
  • often stepped in to mediate personal disputes among the group
  • Beatles had unquestioned loyalty to Epstein which led to them sometimes not reading contracts they signed
George Martin (1926-)
English record producer who helped produce the Beatles first albums
  • the "Fifth Beatle"
  • considered one of the greatest record producers of all time, with 30 number one hit singles in the United Kingdom and 23 number one hits in the United States
  • head of EMI's Parlophone label
  • Brian Epstein contacted him about Beatles
1 Vocabulary Words I Learned in this Course:
eponymous, adj. (of a person) giving their name to something.  "For his eponymous album, see George Harrison."
1 Flashcards I Recorded in this Course:
who was Germany's Elvis
Ted Herold