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The Bible's Treatment of Heroic Death
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
fidelity, sin, fame, ambitions, public, 100, opposite, Avaran, dead, battles, dying, glory, Catholic, Israel, aspirations, death, Maccabees, elephant, vainglorious, Palestine, Protestant, war
how does the Bible deal with the topic of            for the state?
the First Book of                   
the two Books of Maccabees contain independent accounts of events that accompanied the attempted suppression of Judaism in                    in the second century B.C.
first Maccabees was written about        B.C. in Hebrew, but the original has not come down to us. Instead, we have an early, pre-Christian, Greek translation full of Hebrew idioms
there is no doctrine of individual immortality except in the survival of one's name and         
the author insists on                  to the law as the expression of Israel's love for God
found in the                  canon
not within the Rabbinic or                      tradition
command or Syrian army
decides to wage war on Maccabees and his forces
intention is to win and honor the kingdom
he achieves the                 
Judas Maccabees gives speech and they route the Syrians
1 Maccabees 3:25-26
"Judas and his brothers began to be feared, and alarm seized the surrounding peoples. His name even reached the king's ears, and among the nations there was talk of Judas and his               ."
1 Maccabees 6:45
"Boldly charging towards the creature through the thick of the phalanx, dealing death to right and left, so that the enemy scattered on either side at his onslaught, he darted in under the                 , thrust at it from underneath, and killed it. The beast collapsed on top of him, and he died on the spot."
1 Maccabees depicts men driven to war by                        of name and fame
not altogether disparaging these                   
portrays true            being awarded by higher and collective concerns, i.e. survival of people and their laws
fame seeking or name making is presented as                          and reckless
yet it glorifies heroic death
e.g.              killing the elephant
Judas falls in battle
his army vanquished
later at his funeral, all Israel extols this warriors name lamenting, "How is the mighty fallen the savior of             "
the portrayal of heroic            in 1 Maccabees lacks a parallel in Rabbinic canon
it was left out because
the glorification of heroic death
there are great stories of name making
David making a name for himself in battle against Goliath
but nothing about name-making in battle
they sanction name-making through heroic valor
but not heroic death
this is remarkable since commemoration of the war dead occupies such a central place in              ritual and space
we would expect to find in the Bible of Israel coming together to commemorate the war dead
the reason there are none is that those who die in battles in the Bible, die because of       
there are no heroic glorified,        deaths
no martyrdom
no national commemoration of the war         
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