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The Elephantine Papyri
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
subjects, priests, temple, Moses, Samaria, military, Egypt, 399, Jerusalem, Judah, welfare, Passover, Persian, destroyed, unorthodox, slaves, Darius, communal, Sabbath, Israelites, Torah
Elephantine Papyri
isle in the Nile
we have extra-Biblical evidence of a community that lives in           
has a garrison of                troops
one of them is from           
there is a body of Papyri
relate to the Jewish                  life there
495-       BCE
not about                  operations
insights into the ways the Judahites lived among themselves and with other communities
the Bible presents a view of how Judahites lived in Egypt
Elephantine Papyri present an                      way of living
holiness of the               
"I'll meet you down by the docks to load a boat on the Sabbath"
temple officials who marry Egyptian women or              to Judahites
not just among the common people but to               
temple of Yahweh
an early temple had been                   
the Judahite community write letters to the Egyptians that it be rebuilt
they are sending these letters back to Jerusalem and               
indicate that they are all ok with the              being rebuilt
one caveat should not be used for meat sacrifices, the highest form
this is strange that there should only be one temple, and that should be in                   
according to the Bible depiction
but we know from this archive of letters that they were fine with these other temples
letters which say, "may the gods seek your               " instead of "may Yahweh seek your welfare"
odd because this is not monotheistic as the Bible suggests                      were at this time
a response about how to keep the festival                 
yet the Judahite community does not appear to know how to keep these laws
they right and find out
get response
but why didn't they just read the            scroll
they do not seem to have a Torah scroll
in the response, the writer is not citing the Torah scroll
the one authorization that is mentioned is not of the Torah at all but of              the King of Persia who let these things be done
these are Judahites living on the edge of the Persian empire being good Persian                 
does not observe all the laws of           
writes letters to Judah to ask them to help
responses are not in keeping with Biblical law
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