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Notes on video lecture:
The 79 AD Ruins of Herculaneum
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
Pompei, balcony, Rome, earthquake, skeletons, sea, bracelets, cladding, hermetically, 79, wealthier, ampitheater, hair, pregnant, Samnites, 25, doors, lava, rings, ancient, crib
domestic architecture in Campania
the sister city of             
covered and presevered by volcanic eruption in August      AD
also near Boscoreale
famous for the frescoes of its aristocratic villas
while most of the city of Pompei has been excavated, only about     % of the city of Hercumaneum has been excavated
mostly missing the public architecture
no music hall complex
no large forum space
several houses that provide us an idea what was going on between the                     , 62-79
was a                    town than Pompeii
extraordinary density of fine houses
more lavish use of coloured marble                 
less excavated
the modern city grew up on top of the                city
politically difficult to move people so that they can excavate
history similar to Pompeii
overseen by the                 
begin to see the same kind of architectural development in Pompeii
got involved in social wars
89 BC conquered by         
becomes a Roman colony
Romans begin to build buildings in the Roman manner
also witnesses an earthquake
went through a frenzied 17 year period of rebuilding
but there is a difference in how the          fell and flowed down the volcano
there was quite a bit of notice
time for people to escape
lava                          sealed the city
materials that were lost at Pompeii were preserved at Herculaneum
wooden bed
wooden partition
wooden frames around windows and           
wooden beams
wooden                railings
because there was so much notice, most people fled
fled toward the water
Herculaneum was near the sea
many boats
but some were trapped
1980s found some                   
huddled together
found near the        wall
the difference in lava
not only preserved wood but also bone
ring lady
two            on fingers
green and red stones
the ring lady
golden snake                   
head of woman
tuft of          is preserved
was blond
seven months                 
one child
found in         
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