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The Arch of Titus
Notes taken by Edward Tanguay on March 20, 2014 (go to class or lectures)
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
laurel, Domitian, Ionic, spandrals, Roma, Flavians, without, eagle, tomb, Jerusalem, candelabrum, coffered
Arch of Titus
built in 82 AD by                 
commemorates Titus' victories including the Siege of                    in 70 AD
holes in the letters are where bronze letters were attached
shows parade when Titus returned from Jerusalem
in                   , flying female figures of victory
a capital and the column
combines Corinthian but also           , composite capitals
center of bay
image of Titus in chariot riding alone                his father
with female figure, winged, and a personification of victory
holding              wreath above his head
four horses
led by woman in helmet, goddess         , welcoming him back
two other male figures
the senate
the people
scene on other side of bay
solders bringing back trophies, things they have stolen from Jerusalem
the 7 branched                       , shoulders bend under weight
for people to see the scale of the victory
                 often demonstrated a respect and an afinity for the people of Rome and a political maneuver
central bay
stay below it and look up
ornate decoration
almost a tapestry
in center: Titus being carried to heaven on the back of an           
it could be that the Arch of Titus served as his         
there is a staircase and a chamber which might have contained his urn


candelabrum, n. [can-del-LAB-brum] large decorative candlestick having several arms or branches  "You can see here the famous seven-branched candelabrum that the Roman soldiers carried back as a trophy of the war in Jerusalem."
rosette, n. any structure having a flower-like form  "Above the central bay of the arch you see on the interior of the vault coffers and rosettes in the center."
corroborate, v. strengthen or support with other evidence; make more certain  "That the upper part of the Arch of Titus also served as his tomb seems to be corroborated by the fact that inside the attic of the arch is a staircase as well as a chamber."
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