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Notes on video lecture:
Unresolved Issues of the Revolution
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
compensated, indirect, Protestants, feudalism, Brissot, active, suffrage, Danton, Cordeliers, Caribbean, Bastille, 1791, half, Third, voting, culottes, abolition, million, 1790, remaking, too, troubled, recognize, abilities, equal, economy, rights, completely, Revolution, menu, regeneration, radical, pride
one of the great hopes of the                      of 1789 was a new era of
where members of the privileged orders would join with members of the            Estate in creating a new and regenerated France
everyone could take advantage of their                    in a new world of liberty and equality
the National Assembly engaged in the task of regenerating and                  France
sources of tension
small village: Camps-sur-l'Agly
in one of the poorest parts of France
door with carving above it
someone in that village had decided to                    what the revolution had achieved
a rough carving of the                  above the doorway
yet it already indicates one of the tensions yet to be resolved
the poor believed one of the most important achievements of the revolution was the                    of feudalism
the Lords believed that the harvest dues needed to be                        before they could disappear completely
was an ongoing issue
religious freedom
across the southern part of the country
many Protestants
Rights of Man and Citizen made clear that in the future people could not be                  because of their beliefs
but in the south there are tensions
Mountauban and Nîmes
anxiety and suspicions by the Catholic population who often work in textile houses owned by                       
         resulted in violence
active vs. passive citizens / universal                 
a distinction made by the National Assembly
argued that the people who made the revolution should not be precluded from             
in 1791, the Legislative Assembly was chosen by a process of                  election
the Electors of the Assembly were themselves elected by              citizens: male citizens whose annual taxes equaled the local wages paid for three days of labor
this disfranchised about          of the male citizens of France
even higher economic requirements for the Electors and the members of the Assembly left only about 50,000 eligible men in a country of some 25                people
founds the                      Club
still standing in Paris as part of the National Institute of Medicine
in an old convent that is sold off in 1790
where radical actives to push harder for the rights of passive citizens to be respected
starting to demand their             
are given a different title, "sans-                "
people who don't wear the fancy knee breeches and stockings
they simply where trousers
a term of condescension from the well-to-do but the lower classes increasingly take it as a term of           
the Declaration of the Rights of Men had said that all people were born           
half a million slaves in the French                    countries
1791 a powerful, divisive debate with speeches by e.g.                said that if there is hesitation on giving blacks freedom than the values of the revolution could not be said to be logical
or to be in tune with what is desired in 1789
slavery is incompatible with the Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen
others argue that it would be terrible for the French                to have slavery in those colonies abolished
others say that slavery is wrong but it will take time to abolish                     
May         , slaves who have become free or born or those born from freed slaves, will be recognized as citizens
so for the poor and slaves, the revolution is not yet over
there are unresolved questions
for many other people, on the other hand, the revolution had already gone        far
it's already been too                in the changes that it's introduced

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