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Notes on video lecture:
Internal Time Consciousness
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
secret, protention, now, temporal, Plato, moving, universal, superposed, timing, retention, impression, time, innocuous, dripping, Husserl
what is it that makes a                  faucet so annoying?
a single drip is an                    sound and probably not even very loud
the sensory properties of each drip are pretty constant
you have a non-sensory awareness that these sensations are not new
drip number 42 doesn't differ from drip number 1
drip number 1 was then, and drip number 42 is       
the difference is         
our awareness of time, of the temporal property of all intentional objects, is a global and                    invariant of our consciousness
temporal awareness is always present
time has meaning, compare:
do you love me? / of course
do you love me? / (3 seconds) of course
we are sensitive to passing milliseconds in our interchanges
the secret of comedy is             
if fact, timing is the              gauge of all our actions, especially our inner actions
built into every perception of an object is the awareness whether the object is              or not
the                      awareness of the just-past is an invariant in all perception
time has interested philosophers from            on down
but a sophisticated treatment of time begins with phenomenology, and with Edmund                in particular
consciousness is a sandwich of three                  layers
                  : the immediate awareness of the just-past
primal                     : the influx of perception that presses upon us in the exact present
                    : the immediate awareness of the soon-to-be future
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