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The Invariance of Intentionality
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
temperature, dance, about, back, sounds, consciousness, gray, invariance, imagine, accent, awareness, how, pressure, phenomenology, intuition, flows, coloring, exclusivity, me, memories
visual perception is a core theme of                           
can easily show how non-sensory                    plays a part in completing visual sensory information to form a concept of physical objects and the world
our key concept of                      is concrete in the visual cases
positional and objectivating functions of                           
the principle of interpretive                       
the visual experience in which one can only posit or constitute one interpretation at any one time
common experience
one sees objects
one hears             
one feels parts of one's body
the                  of my weight on the chair
the texture of the table
one's own posture
the position of one's hands and arms
the                        of the air
a certain mood
one sees other people
looking at them is a very different experience than looking at a cube, because they look         
one is aware of them being aware of their environment that includes     
with eyes open or closed
variations of memories
can add new emotions to the                 
can add new people
can add a soundtrack
I can give my inner voice a different              or speak in a different language
anticipating the future
that one will stand up soon
can                that I will rise to the ceiling like a balloon
each instance of consciousness            into another
the divisions of sight, sound, touch, memory, anticipation are highly variable and quickly shifting
for each of these moments, there is something my consciousness is           
something it is directed towards
some content
some object of                   
an object in the loosest sense
we encounter each from a point of view
I put myself someone in the picture
I can change this if I choose
in each example there are two elements
1. what I am conscious of
2. how it appears to me
there is always a subject and object pole
the invariance of intentionality
the objective and the subjective are in a permanent, dynamic fluid           
all consciousness is concciousness of something
object: what pole
subject:        pole
there is always an object
vague moods of melancholy, that rainy day feeling, has its object
the world just looks         , a non-sensory gray
faint throbs of feeling
an upswelling of hope
examine it and you'll find it                  something
all consciousness is consciousness of something
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