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Subjectivity, Objectivity, and Intentionality
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
speaking, do, isolate, story, subjectivity, what, consciousness, compels, vat, present, binary
our overall conception of consciousness is that it is indeed something we     
but intentionality is usually only thought of in terms of acts such as walking or                 
perception, imagination, and emotion are all intentional
each instance has a                          and an objectivity
variations of intentionality reveal the underlying detail of the basic structure of                           
you can vary the subjective pole
knowing a            behind an object changes the interpretation of that object
you can vary the objective pole
alter its shape or texture or color
any change you make on one pole affects the other
when you change how you see something, you necessarily change          you see
when you change what you see, you change how you see it
intentionality describes the continual correlation between the subject and the object
like a              star, the subjective and the objective orbit each other
movement of one                movement of the other
you can't                subjectivity outside its intentional context
nor can you isolate the objective context outside the subjective point of view
pure subjectivity
classic thought experiment: the brain in a       
the vatted brain would experience the world as a non-vatted brain
you would experience intentionality as usual
some subjective angle is always co-               with every intentional object
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