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Notes on video lecture:
The Egyptian Empire at its Greatest Extent
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
barley, luxury, sea, Nubia, Lebanon, v, 15th, Ethiopia, Damascus, Punt, boats, food, Levant, waterfalls, Regia, Maris, cattle, Jordan, beer, sixth, Mountains
New Kingdom Period
         century BCE
the largest extent of Egyptian rule
occupies the whole of the Nile Valley to the            cataracts
cataracts are little                      on the Nile that make trade by boat particularly challenging
all the way up through the Middle East into   
mainly for commercial reasons
there are certain things grown in this part of the world that Egyptians cannot produce themselves
stretched as far south as Punt and           
produce wheat and              in surplus
can sell it
makes them self-sufficient for         
they have to buy wood from other places
mainly from               
cedar trees
they also need resin for burial processes
trade routes
related to the word for the rising sun, e.g. levitate
the Via           , or "King's Highway"
Roman trade route
starts in Memphis, goes across the Sinai Peninsula, up the eastern bank of the              River
land route which Egypt and the kingdom's of Mesopotamia
donkey and camel
not horses or             
sturdy beasts that can carry loads
the Via           , "Sea Road"
begins in Memphis
along the coast through Gaza, to Tyre
goes overland to                  in Syria
connected with Arabia
indirect connections to India
Funerary model of Egyptian boat
from a tomb
a Nile boat
used for long periods
not particularly skilled at        travel
boat travel for the Egyptians was mostly up and down the Nile
was a              import
the wealthy enjoyed drinking wine
         could be produced
wine could not be produced in Egypt
imported from Greece
referred to it as the "Beer from the                   "
Laborers Carrying Wine in Amphorae
art: Hatshepsut's Expedition to the Land of         
Punt was an area to the south of Egypt in the horn of Africa
modern day                  and Yemen
no one is sure of the extent of the land of Punt
Hatshepsut sent a large trading delegation there
traded to get gold, resin, ebony and wild animals
was a connection with India
Differences between Ancient Mesopotamia and Egypt
Ancient Egyptian War, Politics and Gods
The Egyptian Empire at its Greatest Extent