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Socrates' Approach to Argumentation
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
word, frustrating, tripped, stronger, contradictory, propositions, attractive, aristocracy, dueling, words, Alcibiades, rational, dismantle, geometry, morally, bar, opposites, premise, conclusion, oversimplified, fighting
if you're a logician, then argument means something like:
a set of two or more                         
at least one of which is a               
at least one of which is a                     
a                  structure in which premises give reasons for conclusions
argument can also mean people                 
a proof in a                  book is an argument
an angry        fight is an argument
if you wanted to pick the one thing in the universe that is most unlike a proof in a geometry book, an angry bar fight wouldn't be a bad choice
so why do we use the same          for both?
                     didn't like Socrates at first
those what-is-x arguments seemed                             
Alcibiades came to like Socrates
but there was something                      about Socrates
speaking well and                well with words was something that mattered very much to the Athenians
particularly the members of Alcibiades social class, the                       
Socrates fascinated them
similar to martial arts movies in which Socrates would take down seemingly                  men
the aristocrats didn't want to be Socrates, they just liked watching him argue to observe and learn from him how he could                    people's understanding of the world and show it to be flawed
but Alcibiades may or may not have been                improved by being exposed to the mastery of argumentative skills of Socrates
a better metaphor for Socrates is playing Reversi
turns people's statements into their own                   
Glaucon says to Socrates
people feel                up by your arguments
they consider them a game played with           
if one thinks words are just game tokens, then Socrates argumentation style can seem                       
but no one admits this since they don't want to admit that their words don't have something
but if what you say can be shown to logically be                           , this means you have to change what you say in order for it to not be contradictory

Ideas and Concepts:

On the ambiguity of the word argument, via tonight's Dialogues of Plato class: "An argument can mean an opinion supported by logic and evidence in a conversation, or an angry fight in a bar. If you wanted to pick two things in the universe which were least like each other yet described by the same word, these might be a good choice."
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