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Euthyphro and the Bad Dad
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
nothing, complicated, tribal, simplified, information, stick, mind, murderer, wrong, murdered, absurd, should, ethically, wrong, distracting
someone in your family does something                    wrong, what do you do?
A) you act according to the rule "family is family and friends            with friends", so you support them in their time of trouble
B) you act according to the rule "wrong is           , and I can't defend someone who is wrong"
C) I need more                        to answer this question
the best answer is C
the answers A and B, have something attractive yet                        about them
they wrong answers that sound right, yet are too                      for most real world cases
A) family is family is something we feel deep in us, something             , we feel that it is right in a very deep, emotional way
appeals to emotion
B) wrong is wrong is something abstract yet logically true
to say that wrong is right is             , so we understand "wrong is wrong" as a truth beyond question
appeals to logic
issue of play
bad news: your Dad                  a guy
but the person he murdered was apparently a                 
what do you do?
B) call the police
C) get more information
the best answer is B
four questions when analyzing a Greek play
1. What would you do in this situation?
2. What              you do in this situation?
3. What would go through your          in this situation?
4. What should go through your mind in this situation?
many people can correctly predict that they will do the            thing in certain situations, even though they know what the right thing would be
how do you think through an ethical problem when its not just                        but such that they interfere with reasoning clearly about the case
Euthyphro and the Bad Dad
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