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How to Record and Post your Speech for Peer Review
Choose from these words to fill the blanks below:
deGrasse, Hayden, windows, lighting, unlisted, chest
tips for recording your video
we don't want your head right in the camera, stand back so that viewers can see you walk and move around
audience should see you from the thighs up
make sure                  is bright enough
close all                to reduce outside sounds such as sirens or dogs barking
you want your laptop or camera up on books or a shelf about            level, otherwise if it is on the desk, because you standing, the audience will be "looking up into your nose" and you will appear gigantic, which detracts from your speech
his demo video
"I want to practice my ability to engage students in a way that they can take useful notes but at the same time I'm still an easy speaker to listen to"
favorite speaker
Neil                  Tyson (1958-)
American astrophysicist and science communicator
director of              Planetarium in New York
does a lot of public talks about science
like his ability to blend information with passion
upload to youtube
shows how to upload
you can also record directly
change it from public to                 
his video exactly one minute, video should be between :45 and 4:00
posts in peer assessment area of course
shows how to review another one
you evaluate three peers
you also evaluate yourself
How to Record and Post your Speech for Peer Review
The Impromptu Speech
Impromptu Speech: Outlining and Flowing
Developing Main Points Quickly